Carshalton Environmental Fair

Environmental Fair 2021

We have given serious thought as to whether we can run Carshalton Environmental Fair this year (2021).  Regrettably we have come to the conclusion that timings of the government decisions on the lifting of covid restrictions, and other factors, now make it very difficult for us to be able to run the event this year.  We will not know until later this summer whether all covid restrictions will be lifted. We do not know whether large scale events will be allowed without any expectations of social distancing measures etc being put in place which we do not feel would be viable to implement were they required. Currently Sutton Council are not accepting applications for events with more than 2000 attendees until they get further government guidance.

The Environmental Fair is a big event which takes many months to organise and has significant up front costs.  We are not in a situation where we can take the risk of expending the time and money before we know it can go ahead, and the lead in time from when the government plan to make decisions is too short for us to organise the event.  Even if all restrictions are lifted as planned, we do not know whether this will cause a surge in covid cases which may lead to large events being cancelled.

We understand that many people will be disappointed by this decision, but we feel that the risk is too high this year.  We expect that things will have stabilised by next year and we can re-instate the event.

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