Apply to Performing Arts Marquee 2024

Situated near the bar in the middle of the event, this stage features singer song writers, great bands, poetry, dance, theatre and – well, you never quite know what you’ll find !

Please apply to play in 2024 using this link.  Closing date 21st July. Event date Bank Holiday Monday 26th August.

2023 line-up:

Performance starts: Performance ends: Name of Act:
11.00am 11.15am Sam Chincharo
11.20am 11.40am Tom Johnson
11.45am 12.05pm Songs of Sheeran
12.10pm 12.30pm Brothers Again
12.35pm 12.50pm Lewis King
12.55pm 1.00pm Gracey
1.05pm 1.25pm Shane Crossley
1.30pm 1.45pm Jamie Skint
1.50pm 2.15pm Marc and Irani
2.20pm 2.45pm 3TIMES7
2.50pm 3.25pm Tashkezar
Then hosted by Cryer Arts:   
3.30pm 3.55pm Penny Royal and Madder Mill Molly
4.00pm 4.11pm Denny Terrell
4.15pm 4.26pm Nick Howe Solo
4.30pm 4.41pm Helen Wiles and Sarah Pavey
4.45pm 5.01pm Charles Elstub
5.05pm 5.16pm Chris Lamb
5.20pm 5.36pm Bity Booker (Corallina Beatrice Booker)
5.40pm 5.56pm Martin Woodford & Simon O’Grady
6.00pm 6.16pm David Shires & John Clachan
6.20pm 6.36pm Eddie Greene
6.40pm 7.00pm Chloe Ray with Michael Alexander

Check out Cryer Folk club who meet every second Tuesday of the month at the CryerArts centre. For more information about them email