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EcoLocal is a community run charity based in Carshalton (between Sutton and Croydon). Our aim is to ‘achieve strong, vibrant communities in a healthy environment’. We work toward our aim through delivery of a range of sustainable development and wellbeing related inclusive projects, activities, events, workshops and training in our local communities.

Our activities include local food projects, health & wellbeing activities, sustainable transport, energy and waste minimization. We are experienced in community engagement, consultation, research, training and event facilitation. We have established a strong track record over the past 20+ years in running large events including an annual Environmental Fair in Carshalton at the end of August, an annual Frost Fair in December, through to a very successful monthly Farmer’s Market in Wallington.

In recent years we have also responded to the communities’ call for the acquisition and refurbishment of a substantial building in Carshalton, to act as a base for a wide range of community and eco activities locally.

Our work involves forging partnerships with a variety of organisations of all sizes and types and with people from very varied backgrounds and experience. As such we work with very diverse sectors of the community; e.g. voluntary groups, small businesses, artists and musicians, therapists, people with mental or physical health problems, older people, children, young people, people with disabilities as well as families and people not defined by any health issue or disability and reflecting local diversity.

In a typical year we work with over 350 organisations and engage with approximately 20,000 individuals. We enable over 200 people to contribute more than 14,000 hours of volunteer time locally each year.

If you would like more information please contact us by emailing info@ecolocal.org.uk

We deliver our services both through the EcoLocal charity as well as through the EcoLocal Services Ltd (ESL) social enterprise. The charity is constituted as a company limited by guarantee and its Directors are the Trustees and are therefore all unpaid. Our registered charity number is 1087782, and our registered company (England and wales) number is 4137305. EcoLocal is the working name of the Centre for Environmental Initiatives.

We collect and process personal data as described in our privacy statement.

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