About Us

We are an independent charity that acts as a hub for community-led projects, events and activities.  Our aim is to ‘achieve strong, vibrant communities in a healthy environment’.

We act as a resource for people and organisations seeking to make a positive difference locally.  We are refurbishing a substantial building in the grounds of Carshalton’s Ecology Centre, to provide community facilities for a variety of uses for the benefit of local people.

The charity acts as a base for a wide range of community and environmental projects in our local area.  These activities are led by all kinds of people from different backgrounds, with different skills and abilities.  Activities include food and horticulture projects, health & wellbeing activities, environmental & biodiversity improvements, inclusive cycling, engaging young and old in arts and cultural events, running large fairs and markets, supporting small start-up activities and fledgling businesses, training and educational activities.

Our work involves forging partnerships with a variety of organisations of all sizes and types and with people from very varied backgrounds and experience. As such activities housed by the charity cover very diverse sectors of the community; e.g. voluntary groups, small businesses, artists and musicians, therapists, people with mental or physical health problems, older people, children, young people, people with disabilities as well as families and people not defined by any health issue or disability and reflecting local diversity.  We are not a campaigning, political or religious organisation.

In a typical year, locally we:

  • run 432 activity sessions including inclusive cycling, gardening, eco-wellbeing, horticultural training workshops, garden and building renovation volunteering days, markets and fairs.
  • engage over 20,000 individuals through our activities and events
  • benefit 897 people with learning/physical disabilities or mental health problems
  • enable more than 200 local people to contribute more than 14,000 hours of volunteer time
  • work with hundreds of local organisations; community groups and charities, special needs colleges, schools, youth organisations, supported living agencies and care homes, mental health agencies, local authority/health teams, local food producers, micro businesses, start up enterprises, crafts people, music groups,
  • provide all kinds of opportunities for people to use and develop their skills

If you would like more information please contact us by emailing info@ecolocal.org.uk

EcoLocal is the working name of the Centre for Environmental Initiatives. The charity is constituted as a company limited by guarantee and the Trustees are all unpaid. Our registered charity number is 1087782.

We collect and process personal data as described in our privacy statement.

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