Food Growing & Horticultural Training

EcoLocal runs food growing & horticultural training from half day workshops to 6 week courses.

If you are interested in how to grow food the organic way, then this course is for you.
Learn how to propagate and grow your own tasty herbs and edible flowers to add flavour and vibrancy to your
From mini-beasts to mega-beasts, diseases and nutrient deficiencies, it can feel as though our plants are under constant attack! In
You’ll be amazed how many different vegetables and herbs can be eaten as microgreens
The perfect companion to our popular winter currant pruning course, our friendly and knowledgeable tutor will guide you through the
Learn how to propagate fruit trees by bud-grafting, at this one day workshop led by our RHS qualified and experienced
Summer is the time to prune stone fruit (plums, cherries, peaches and others) and trained apples and pears. Fruit pruning
A hands-on workshop with lots of opportunity to practice pruning cherries, plums, nectarines, peaches and apricots in the polytunnels at
Permaculture encourages us to consider how the different systems in nature fit together and how we can mimic those systems
The art of plant propagation is as old as civilisation. With techniques learned and adapted from nature, we can produce
Creating a beautiful garden border that stands up to the challenges of climate change is no small feat. With everything
Did you know you can improve your physical and mental health simply by growing houseplants? Over recent years interest in

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