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Low Energy Heritage

Our Low Energy Heritage was a project looking at those living in the London Borough of Sutton in times past.  It recorded the experiences of the older generation, who lived through times of shortage, when energy was less cheap and less available.

We can use their knowledge and experiences to help us, and future generations, tackle issues such as climate change and an increasingly expensive, less plentiful energy supply.

This doesn’t mean we need to go back to living the way we did in 1930 or 1860. We now benefit from modern technology such as solar panels, wind turbines and improved insulation. These technologies will help us to create low energy communities in the future with a good standard of living and a quality of life perhaps better than today.

However, many of the skills our grandparents and great grandparents used on a daily basis have almost been forgotten, and re-learning them might not only help us to create a low energy future but also lead to a greater sense of satisfaction for us all.

Our Low Energy Heritage has been supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund, Sutton Local Studies & Archives Service and EcoLocal Services Ltd.

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This EXHIBITION is also available to borrow, please phone 020 8404 1522 or e-mail info@ecolocal.org.uk for details.

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Here are a few memories from the past:

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