Just be Natural – Louisa’s story

Louisa’s Just Be Natural has been selling skincare products and essential oils at the Wallington Farmers’ Market for over 10 years and is offering FREE delivery to Wallington postcodes.  Preordering can be via www.justbenatural.co.uk, email: louisa@justbenatural.co.uk, telephone: 07888 689881. Please specify size of product (e.g 15ml or 60ml)

Before starting to make her own skincare products, Louisa already knew the benefits of essential oils through her work as an aromatherapist. She used the oils in massage and inhalation through an oil burner or diffuser – particularly helpful for people who suffer from stress and anxiety as it helps them to recharge.

A combination of demand from clients and not being happy with the skincare products she used herself, Louisa started to look into making her own products. Learning more about the ingredients used in conventional cosmetics, she saw the injustice of the harmful chemicals and animal testing in the industry and became passionate about the use of natural ingredients. She started to make her own skin-friendly products and she has expanded her product range over the years. She has researched all the ingredients that she uses and all her products are hand made by her. When available, she uses organic and fair trade ingredients. Her lavender product range contains lavender that is grown locally in Carshalton.

As the skincare market is very competitive, Louisa is lucky to get many of her customers through referrals from other happy customers. In addition to her products being eco and skin friendly, Just Be Natural is also considerate about packaging and uses glass, recycled and recyclable lids and biodegradable bubble wrap. Currently, Louisa is looking to expand her product range with eye creams and cleansers and to offer more workshops. Louisa can also create bespoke products for clients who are looking for specific benefits.  Louisa offers free delivery in the Wallington area or collect from the market…