Wallington Markets

Soapy Bars

Luxury soaps and body butters. Made with 100% pure essential oils. Free from sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate and parabens. No palm oil. Wrapped in a natural compostable or recyclable wrap. https://www.soapybars.co.uk/

Lee House Farm

This small mixed Organic livestock farm in Surrey produces high welfare, non GM , fresh, free range eggs, beef, lamb, mutton and special slow grown roasting chicken, all ranging  outside.  Click and collect available.  

Hamsey Greens

This family run micro farm based in Sanderstead grow microgreens. Classed as a superfood microgreens have a high concentration of vitamins, minerals & nutrients compared to mature plants and are full of antioxidants. Come and taste their Pea Shoot Tendrils, China Rose Radish or even Sunflower Shoots packaged in plastic free boxes. Plus grow your …

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