Interactive Travel Experience


Exciting, interactive and informative, the Interactive School Travel Experience is a unique and innovative educational tool.

It is designed to engage children, young people and adults to raise awareness and understanding of sustainable travel modes and their benefits to our health and the environment.

As a school activity, the Experience is suited to years 5-8. It provides an interactive session to bring to life the issues around school travel, healthy eating, exercise, local environmental issues and climate change.

The Experience accommodates a class of 30 children, working in groups of six in the school hall. Each class session lasts 1.5 hours.

The Experience is staffed by an educational worker and assistant. Lesson plans clearly link each activity to the National Curriculum. Worksheets enable participants to gather their own “health” data as they use the equipment. The Experience is transported in an electric vehicle to further reinforce the sustainable transport message.

To enquire about the Interactive School Travel Experience speak to Tansy on 020 8404 1524 or email

Curriculum Links

PSHE/Citizenship: Developing a Healthy Lifestyle (KS2&3), Knowledge and understanding about becoming informed citizens (KS3).

Geography: Knowledge and understanding of environmental change and sustainable development.

Science: Humans and other animals, Circulation, Health (KS2), Humans as organisms, Breathing (KS3).