Jam Packed Story

Jam Packed Preserves

What started as a way of preventing food waste is now a thriving business making over 30 different varieties of award-winning preserves in the form of chutneys, extra jams, jellies and marmalades. Sue and Kevin Woodward from Surrey started making raspberry jam when they had a glut of produce from their allotment and gave away the jam to friends and family. Other fruits followed and they were able to sell at local fairs for charities and schools. A local butcher was keen to sell the jams in their shop and Sue and Kevin started to look for other opportunities to expand and became regulars at the Farmers’ Markets in Wallington and Ockley.

With their passion for supporting British growers and minimising environmental impact Jam Packed Preserves is a perfect match for the EcoLocal farmers’ market. They still get some of the ingredients from gardeners trying to get rid of large harvests, but with the growing variety of products they also buy directly from British growers, as local as possible. As a business they are very much aware of their environmental impact and think that food production should not cost the earth. The honey they sell is only excess honey, so their bees are able to sustain through the colder winter months. They are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and aim to become carbon negative in the future by reducing and offsetting their emissions, for example by planting trees.

The production of the great variety of preserves is a year round affair starting with marmalade in January, all the berries, elderflower and plums in Summer, followed by Bramley apples in September. Chillies and Christmas gifts make the last months of the year very busy too. This all on top of Sue’s full time job as a lecturer. As well as selling at markets Jam Packed Preserves has a growing number of stockists in Surrey and London and as a luxury British brand they are excited about expanding their business into the independent fine food sector and catering.

Sue and Kevin are happy to take orders which can be picked up at the market.

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