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We’re renovating a walled garden to improve biodiversity and create a space for eco-wellbeing activities, reconnecting people with nature.  We are asking for your help with donations toward our crowd funding campaign – ‘Wellbeing in a Walled Garden‘.

To support EcoLocal’s Inclusive Cycling and Community Allotment projects, please visit

Our activities make a huge difference to people’s physical and mental health.  All these projects increase social interaction and connection with nature, are good for the environment and help people take small actions on climate change in their daily lives.

EcoLocal works with over 1000 people per year who have learning difficulties, mental health problems, physical disabilities,  as well as those who are older,  isolated, disengaged or disenfranchised, providing enriching activities. 

We also engage thousands of others in activities that provide positive volunteering activities in our local communities with over 200 people helping out per year.

Please support us if you are able to.