Energy Saving at Home and School

Last year, EcoLocal worked with another 10 schools to help children save energy at school and at home.

Saving energy at School

School energy saving campaigns saved schools a lot of money – in some cases saving enough to employ an additional newly qualified teacher! Part of our project was to carry out school energy audits and make recommendations for energy improvements.

Saving energy at Home

School children can also make a difference at home. Our energy assembly and lessons taught children how to save energy at home. They took an Energy Activity Pack home to help their family identify where energy is being wasted and take action to save energy.


As part of the project, we ran a home energy saving poster competition. This year’s winner was Rayan Sadafian of Westbourne Primary school.

You can take part

Together we can cut CO2, save money and protect our future energy supply.

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Take a look at our ‘Great No-cost and Low-cost Energy Saving Tips

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This project is funded by Sutton Council.