Flax Farm Story

Flax Farm started by accident in 2003/4 when owner Clare Skelton started looking into the health benefits from linseed oil as a friend started pressing his own oil. She found out through research, but also experienced the benefits for herself. Clare is passionate about the positive effects of linseed, which is also known as flax, on general health and digestion, and it is also beneficial for people with specific conditions such as MS, skin conditions and conditions caused by eating too much saturated and transfats. It is also naturally gluten-free and virtually free of carbs. “It is amazing to see how much you can do with food to improve health and well-being.”, says Clare.

Their Linseed is available in oil (bottles and capsules), ground and whole and can be added to for example to soups, salads and in baking.  Flax Farm also makes Flaxjacks, porridge and muesli. The staff at the stall will be able to advise which products will be best suited to you.

Flax Farm mills and presses mainly linseed that is grown in East Anglia, which means the carbon footprint from transport is lower than from imported products. In addition, the oil is rich in omega-3, so can be used instead of eating large amounts of fish or taking fish oil. This fits in with Ecolocal’s aims to reduce people’s impact on the environment.

The business has currently 7 employees and is looking to expand its sales to more shops, so more people can enjoy the health (and taste!) benefits.

Flax Farm have been regular stallholders at Wallington Farmer’s Market¬†since 2016