Wallington Farmers’ Market: Saturday 13th June is ON – Just in time for all those delicious summer fruits!

We are delighted to confirm that Wallington Farmers’ Market will return on Saturday 13th June.

We are putting covid-safe measures in place at the market.  As such we will limit if necessary numbers of shoppers allowed around the market site. Volunteer stewards will be onsite to ensure social distancing and market traders will be following Sutton Council’s market trader Covid guidance.

There will be a different stall layout and we will be operating a one way system – via a single entrance to the North of the Old Town Hall off of the High Street.

Which Stalls are coming and where they will be?  Please “click here”
For details on which stalls are offering Click and Collect,click here

Please help us keep the market safe for you and others by keeping to the following rules:

Wallington Farmers’ Market Covid Code of Conduct

• Help protect others – do not come to the market if you have a cough or a temperature, or have lost your sense of taste or smell
• If you are in a vulnerable group, please do not risk your health by coming to the market. Ask someone to shop for you and remember many producers will deliver if you order in advance
• Only one person per household should come to the market; this does not apply to elderly couples, or those requiring support through disability
• The market will open at 9am for the elderly to shop first. Otherwise, please come to market at least an hour after opening
• We are limiting the number of people inside the gate and we are imposing a 2 metre spaced queue outside.
• Stewards are in place to manage social distancing.
• If you do not social distance you will be asked to leave the market site
• Once the inside has reached its limit, customers are allowed in only when someone else comes out.
• There is no shortage of food. Please buy only what you need.
• Please only handle food you are purchasing
• Avoid stalls with the longest queues.
• Some stalls are accepting cash, some are card only.
• Leave your dogs at home (guide dogs welcome)
• Catch coughs and sneezes in a tissue and take home with you for disposal
• Use hand sanitiser/bring disposable gloves