The Lodge Project

We are renovating the existing buildings of The Lodge to create a mixed use development.

EcoLocal engaged a highly specialised and experienced professional team of architects and surveyors to advise on all aspects of the development and ensure this fine building is restored to its former glory.  You can read our frequently asked questions regarding the project, recently updated  here.

The Lodge is a mixed use development incorporating residential apartments along with office and other facilities for local charitable and conservation organisations.  Non-residential parts of the site include:
– A separate community hall– Rejuvenated Victorian walled garden to the West
– Office and meeting rooms
– Workshops in the outbuildings to the North
– And in future, a new classroom suite,new link to community hall and a glazed courtyard

Any proceeds from the sale of the apartments not required to repay the cost of the scheme will be put towards environmental and social benefits on site by way of EcoLocal.