Exciting Update on Lodge Plans

February 2018 Update

You may wish to read this if you have recently heard about the project via other sources and you would like more information on the facts.

We have updated our “Lodge Frequently Asked Questions sheet” – this gives further details on the project, how it came about, who benefits and what we plan to do.

What we are doing

EcoLocal wants to rejuvenate and revive The Lodge to create a thriving focal point for the local community in Carshalton for many years to come. We have plans to renovating the existing buildings to create a mixed use development that includes:

o Community Hall and Kitchen

o Rejuvenated Victorian Walled Garden

o Straw Bale Classroom Suite

o Office & Meetings Centre Hub to support community enterprise

o Workshop facilities in the old stables / outbuildings

o Storage for local groups and projects

The scheme has to be financially sustainable. So, in sympathy with location and building, we are developing 9 flats. 7 will be sold to cover development costs and 2 rented out on an on-going basis to generate income to cover community facilities management costs.

We have started

So it is with great pleasure we can now announce the excellent news that The Lodge project has now started. We have completed detailed project design assisted by architects Robinson Kenning & Gallagher, agreed and signed a long term lease with Sutton Council, obtained development funding via a leading social Bank and appointed a construction firm Stanley Investments Building Services Limited to carry out the works. Works started at the end of February 2018 and we have moved on site.

We have now moved and our new address is EcoLocal, The Lodge, Honeywood Walk, Carshalton, Surrey SM5 3NX. Please update the contact details that you have for us. Please note that we are currently having problems with virgin media transfering our phones to the new site, so please contact us via email in the first instance for the time being.

Thanks to local residents

People are genuinely keen to see important local buildings maintained and used by the community, for the benefit of the community – especially in areas of outstanding beauty like central Carshalton. EcoLocal is an independent charity run by local people who want to do their best to keep our local environment and heritage preserved and looked after. We are not a political organisation and our Trustees as well as staff and volunteers have a wide range of political views.

We would like to give a huge vote of thanks to all the people who have continued to support us and who have been so enthusiastic about the project throughout the time it has taken us to get to this stage. We are delighted that so many people can see the benefit of this project for the community, our local heritage in Carshalton and for the future. Indeed your continued support backs up the results of our local consultation that showed that 97% of the 699 residents who completed our detailed questionnaire supported our proposal - and over 60 local groups said they would be interested in using the community facilities we intend to develop.

We have been working on community and sustainability projects in the borough since 1987 and have been based in Carshalton for the last 20+ years. The remit of our organisation is very broad and we work with diverse sectors of the community to galvanise the resourcefulness of local people at a community level.

If you are interested in using the facilities at the Lodge once works are completed, please get in touch and express your interest.


The area around Carshalton Ponds remains one of the most distinctive and picturesque parts of suburban London and Surrey. It is home to a number of historical buildings. One of these is called The Lodge, which is situated within the grounds of The Ecology Centre, in a Site of Interest for Nature Conservation. Sutton Council has vacated the The Lodge and has carefully considered its future.

The Lodge was originally built around 1783, and was largely updated in the mid 1800's. It offers an excellent space in a unique setting that residents would like to see used for community, charity and social enterprise use. For a brief extracted history of the building click here

Back in 2011, EcoLocal first started discussions on ideas for the building’s future use. Our ideas were well supported by residents. In 2013 we started work on an initial feasibility study which was completed in the Summer of 2014. This was well received by Sutton Council who then asked us to carry out further detailed costings and business planning as well as consultation with residents and community groups.

The charity has invested a significant amount of its own funds as well as an extremely large amount of both staff and volunteer time in developing all aspects of our proposal to date.. We are very grateful to all those who have been involved - both internally and externally - and would like to thank Sutton Council for being so helpful and easy to work with in relation to this project.